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    Dashi Namdakov
    We shall not run away from our roots, from the forces of nature. Earth, water, air ... One cannot learn the love to for the elements. You need to feel them and derive strength in from them.

    The art of Dashi Namdakov is an inexplicable force in art, not only in Buryat art, but also in Russian art; not only in Russian art but also in world art, in modern art. His art is borderless: nor are there territorial boundaries, nor the boundaries of space and time. His art is fascinating: it is simultaneously both attractive and strange.

    Film-presentation about Dashi

    Namdakov's phenomenon as an artist is that he has retained his folk tradition, but presented it in a completely new, avant-garde style. His signature can not be repeated: his sense of form, sculpture, movement, sense of proportion and harmony are academic, yet replete with a distinctive character and meaning. The reunion of the classic, traditional Orient and familiar European civilization in Dashi's art gives it a unique personality, style and originality.

    In Namdakov’s works we can clearly see images of the ancient world. However, Dashi is a vivid example of modern art. His works seem like they are reviving "forgotten" forms and themes of earlier eras that come to our world, bringing with them their energy, strength and power. The ancient and forgotten are an organic part of the artistic style of Dashi Namdakov.

    The cultural institutions of 25 countries are proud to keep own artworks by Namdakov in their funds
    I create things, give them all my energy — and then they live their own lives, get their new homes, find a new destiny.

    Namdakov held his first solo exhibition at the Irkutsk Art Museum in 2000. The exhibition was a huge success with the public. Some years later he was invited to put on an exhibition in Moscow. As part of a group exhibition at the Central House of Artists, Dashi presented his works among the other young Russian sculptors. Soon the public began to talk about Namdakov's art in the Russian capital. Thus real nomadic life for the artist.

    Since 2000, the Buryat artist has held dozens of exhibitions around the world, from Tokyo and Beijing to New York and Los Angeles. Dashi has exhibited work in museums - the State Hermitage Museum (Russia), the Beijing World Art Museum (PRC), in galleries – the Halcyon Gallery (UK), the National Arts Club (USA), and has been involved in government projects such as– the Russian National Exhibition (France).

    Namdakov's artworks are kept in the vaults of the State Hermitage, the Russian Ethnographic Museum in St. Petersburg, the Museum of Oriental Art, and in other museums around the world. Among the renowned private collectors of works by Dashi are Vladimir Putin ("The Wild"), former president of Russia’s Tatarstan republic, Mintimer Shaimiev ("Horseman"), former Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov, billionaire entrepreneur Roman Abramovich ("Evening", "Old Warrior"), and other representatives from the worlds of politics and business, as well as private collectors from Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Japan, the USA, and Taiwan.

    Dashi Namdakov: A Nomad's Universe
    Prizes and awards
    One day my spiritual teacher told me: ‘Dashi, all your talent is a merit of your forefathers, in whom the power of all the generations accumulated. And this power was passed on to you.’ I really liked those words then, and I realized that I’m just a tool. Since then I have never put on airs, and dizzy with success has not given me a headache.
    Dashi Namdakov
    Awarded the State
    Prize of Mongolia
    Honorary Member of the
    Florence Academy of
    Arts and Design
    Order of the Tuva Republic
    Main prize at the International Award Ceremony "Pietrasanta and Versilia in the World"
    Prize of the 11th Annual Russian Heritage Month
    Awarded the Order of Mongolia «The Polar Star»
    Awarded the State Prize of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia in the field of the Fine Art
    Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts
    Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of culture
    Received the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts
    Golden Eagle
    Received the Prize of the Russian Academy of Motion Picture Arts
    White Elephant
    Received the Russian Film Critic and Film Press’s
    Awarded the title of Honorary Artist of the Republic of Buryatia
    Awarded a silver medal of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts
    Awarded the honorary title ‘Siberian of the Year’
    Quotes about Dashi
    It is always a pleasure to get high praise from professionals, because they are the engine of the creative process.
    Dashi Namdakov
    Valentin Yudashkin
    What I see, for me, is very young and dynamic. The artist feels the form, the plasticity, in a very indigenous and ethnic fashion.
    Valentin Yudashkin
    Honoured artist of Russia
    Irina Khakhamada
    Dashi, I think, is a kind of Asiatic Dali, because of this challenge, this crazy energy, this vast knowledge of his own ethnic roots, but reworked in contemporary western values. He is a unique artist...
    Irina Khakhamada
    Dmitry Peskov
    Any exhibition by Dashi is a great festival for those who love and know his art. He is a shining example of Russian culture, which is enriched by all our diversity. And it’s wonderful that he takes his art abroad, as well as bringing joy to exhibition-goers here.
    Dmitry Peskov
    Press secretary to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin
    Valentina Matviyenko
    A rare talent. The opportunity to enjoy his work, his magic, needs to be given to as many people as possible.
    Valentina Matviyenko
    Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation
    Sonya Bekkerman
    His pieces are unbelievably expressive, brilliantly conceived, and executed with immense mastery – be it bronze, silver or ornamentation. Even his jewellery pieces are surprisingly human. You don’t know what the secret of his art is, but you feel that it is there. If you stand a little while and listen, you can hear the sculptures whispering among themselves.
    Sonya Bekkerman
    Former vice president of Sotheby’s New York
    Sergei Bodrov
    Dashi is a unique person with unique capabilities. For that reason he contributed a lot more to the film than an ordinary artist. He contributed his knowledge of a culture that is completely unknown. He got the style just right. He’s practically the co-author of our film. Without him the picture would have been worse. Dashi is our artist. He’s a famous sculptor. He knows everything, feels everything, a startlingly talented person.
    Sergei Bodrov
    Director of the film Mongol
    Kirill Komarov
    The more you look at Dashi’s work, the deeper it draws you in, revealing new meanings. This is Dashi’s uniqueness as an artist.
    Kirill Komarov
    Deputy general director of the Rosatom state corporation
    Friends and partners
    My success would not be possible without my family, friends and colleagues. It is very important for an artist to meet like-minded people with common views and values, and I am happy to be surrounded by such people. Thank you for many years of fruitful support of my art.
    Dashi Namdakov
    State nuclear energy corporation
    General sponsor
    Saga Production
    USA, Los-Angeles
    Russia Geographical Society
    Halcyon Gallery
    Great Britain, London
    Russian-American Foundation
    USA, New-York
    Museum of Contemporary Art
    China, Beijin
    The state Hermitage museum
    Russia, Saint Petersburg
    The state historical museum
    Russia, Moscow
    The state Tretyakov gallery
    Russia, Moscow
    Sergei Bodrov
    Russian film director
    Peter Mallet
    "Jart" Gallery
    Moscow, Russia
    V.Bronshtein Gallery
    Irkutsk, Russia
    Abramova Gallery
    Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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